The main amr-users plugin digs into your user and user meta data to extract as much user data as it can.  It does it’s best to display this in a useful way.

User data access

  • Access ‘deep’ user meta data stored by other plugins
  • straight user meta, arrays or objects in user meta
  • use add-ons to access data in other tables


  • Design your own users lists or reports.
  • Start with a basic set of lists already configured
  • Highly configurable users listings by meta keys and values, comment count and post count.
  • Includes display, inclusion, exclusion, sorting configuration and an option to export to CSV .
  • private admin lists
  • public lists and directories
  • configurable links and actions


  • Extracted data is cached as large databases can lead to slow reports
  • Search user data for any string within a list
  • Export to csv


  • Network admin add-on available – access user data across the blogs


adds features to the basic free plugin:

  • on demand filtering of users by any user field
  • alphabetic navigation of user records