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See original post below.  Search and filtering (backend and front end lists) are now available in amr-users.  WordPress user search across all user-meta data and some integrated plugins data is now available in the free version of amr-users.

Filtering of wordpress users is also available.  This is a paid add-on, due to the complexity of some peoples requirements (they wanted to be able to filter data based on fields WITHIN columns of the report – yes thay had some really interestings custom user data structures).


Original post:

Search for that member!

I have received a few requests for member search facilities – a “search for that member” tool.   This may be a useful add-on to my amr users lists plugin.  In thinking about it, it seems to me that there are a few possible approaches:  Eg:

  • Searchfor a particular member within a large community or subscription base
    1. admin – searching for a member, with “some” data – possibly part of name, or approximate date registered.  A short term solution for a partial name search  is to have a long “amr-users” list with relevant data displayed, and then click edit/find in your browser – this would then search all the text on the screen and jump to the possibilities.
    2. users – searching for similar users or members.  This is possibly more of a filtering operating.  They would probably need to be able to to be able to filter by some data that has been created by a user meta plugin like Register Plus or any of the membership plugins.For example – say class year and/or current location
  • Filtering – allow a user or viewer to filter a list returning a sublist, possibly sorted by a dynamic criteria (similar to the point above)

Specifics required

Before working on such a plugin, it would be useful if people would describe in more detail their ideas of a member or user search tool and how they would like it to work.   If you are interested in such a tool, please comment on this post.