csv of filtered values

csv filter in front end

CSV Filter – only shows on front end if csv link enabled & filtering enabled

CSV filter button if filtering and csv enabled - always show sin admin

CSV filter button if filtering and csv enabled – always shows in admin

In addition to csv extracts of full list data, csv subset extracts of real time filtered records is available.    Changes in recent version upgrades:

= Version 2.9.1 =

  • fixes bug – CSV filter now only shows
    • on front end if csv ticked and filtering enabled
    • in admin if filtering enabled

= Version 2.9 =

  • adds button to extract a csv version of a filtered list. Works with column value filtering. Not suggested for field value filters (deprecated soon).

= Version 2.8 =

  • blanks and non blanks in the filter dropdown will now only show IF you have blanks in your data.
  • fix: warning message on field filtering, caused by input validation function being applied to an array

= Version 2.7 =

  • added comment text to alphabetical navigation links so that one could tell which field was being indexed.
  • added code so that non labelled values will show with a count too, or as ‘novalues’ css class with no hyperlink  (even I am struggling to understand what was happening here when I read this – apologies – whatever it was hopefully made things better! )
  • added code to identify indices not allowed for in navigation (only shows in debug) to help flush out funny data. (Last names with double quotes etc…)

On demand filtering on a new field

You want to filter by a field not currently displayed?

(requires amr-users-plus)

  1. Display the field
  2. Define the filtering
  3. Rebuild cache
  4. Location of filter html (optional)

Display the field

  • Enter a column number in the display order column for the “First Role”
  • Click update field settings
  • Click Rebuild cache to be sure field shows

This tells the plugin you want to use that field in that list and where to display it.

Enter number to define field display and sequence

Edit Filtering

Handles custom roles and users with no roles in the current db (possibly due to shared user tables)

Edit Filtering

  • Click “Edit Filtering”,
  • Choose “column value” option for ‘first role”
  • Click Update Filtering
  • Click Rebuild cache now

List will show with filter but role values will not be there – plugin hasn’t had a chance to  ‘save’ them for filtering yet

Choose filter options for fields you want to filter, leave blank for no filtering

Rebuild cache after updating filtering

The plugin will use this rebuild to save the possible values of role in your db, including any custom roles, but excluding any for which there are NO  users.

If  values (eg roles) and users with those values (roles) are added over time – a rebuild cache will find and add them.  The filter should now be visible with values for existing users.

Filter values should now be visible – the values shown depend on the data in your database.

Rebuild the cache

  • just making sure….. if you do not see the values, then rebuild the cache!
  • still don’t see all values you expect to see ? Is there a user with that value ? No ? Create/update and rebuild the cache.

Filtering Html Location

If it’s not inside, it’s on top Asides: (the original ad])(en vir die Afrikaners, hier is ‘n Jan Spies version)


Filter options inside table structure

On top (above)

Filtering above the list


To determine filter html location – see the FAR right of the list configure screen in the overview section.
  • Select
    • in table or
    • above or
    • none (to switch off while saving settings)
  • Click Update Overview Settings

Define the filter html location