On demand filtering on a new field

How to filter by a field not currently displayed?

(requires amr-users-plus) NOTE some screenshots reflect new version coming soon.  What you see in your version should be fairly similar, possibly just laid out differently.

  1. Enter some data for some users.  Ideally all users should have a value for that field.  Plugin will show a ‘-‘ for users with a blank value.
  2. Display the field
  3. Define the filtering
  4. Rebuild cache  (will soon no longer be needed)
  5. Location of filter html

Display the field

  • Enter a column number in the display order column for the “First Role”
  • Click update field settings
  • Click Rebuild cache to be sure field shows

This tells the plugin you want to use that field in that list and where to display it.

Adding field to list for filtering

Specify that field should be displayed for now

Check that field works, some values exist:

Define Filtering

  • Click “Filtering”,
  • Select an html input type from the dropdown.  Note some options may require special add-ons.
  • Click Update
  • Click Rebuild cache now (for now, coming version will remove this)
Choose html input type for filtering

Choose html input type

In current version of plugin the list will show with filter but values will not be there – plugin hasn’t had a chance to  ‘save’ them for filtering yet.


Cache versions of plugin  will use this rebuild to save the possible values of role in your db, including any custom roles, but excluding any for which there are NO  users.

If  values (eg roles) and users with those values (roles) are added over time – a rebuild cache will find and add them.  The filter should now be visible with values for existing users.

Some users have values, many are blank

Update some users to have the other possible values

Filter values should now be visible – the values shown depend on the data in your database.

Rebuild the cache (current soon to be replaced version)

  • just making sure….. if you do not see the values, then rebuild the cache!
  • still don’t see all values you expect to see ? Is there a user with that value ? No ? Create/update and rebuild the cache.

Filtering Html Location

If it’s not inside, it’s on top Asides: (the original ad)(en vir die Afrikaners, hier is ‘n Jan Spies version)

Inside the table:

Only suits some input types and list types, so choose wisely.

Filter options inside table structure

On top (above): the safest option

Filtering above the list

Setting the location of the filters

In the configure screen in the overview section, under f’iltering’.
  • Select
    • in table or
    • above or
    • none (to switch off while saving settings)
  • Click Update.

New coming version settings


Specifying the location of the filtering in cache version