Exclude or selectively include users without displaying the criteria field

Super easy!  It is explained very briefly in the ‘configure’ section and in the How to exclude users from a list.   This is more detail.

Possible example

  • exclude administrators from lists.


  • we could use the first role OR specific ids depending on need.  Role is safer if one is later adding users we do not want to display.
Configure each individual list, add fields

Configure each individual list, add fields


  • Temporarily choose the criteria field for display by adding a display column to it. In this case the first role.
  • Update the list settings.Role will now be one of the columns displayed AND magically now the other specifications are available in the list configuration.
  • Scroll to the right till you see the “include” and “exclude” fields.
  • Enter your criteria:
    • EG: to display only subscribers (not authors etc), enter ‘subscriber’ in the include column
    • EG: to exclude administrators, enter ‘administrator’ in the exclude column.
    • NB if using multiple values, use commas only to separate DO NOT ADD spaces.  In some cases spaces are valid parts of the field values.
  • Update the list settings, rebuild cache, check it works.
  • NOW … remove the display column number for your criteria field.
  • Update list settings, rebuild cache.

List will now use criteria but not display the fields.