Free support for free plugins:  plugins wordpress forum

Direct Support

For users who have purchased access to non-free plugins and who have a current update license, support is available by email to improve response times.   Please explore the settings and the documentation – this will help you to an answer quicker.

Please note that while most responses are within 24 hours or less, as per the terms and conditions, there is no guarantee of a response. If you find out more information or resolve your issue before you get a response, please send an update. Thanks.

To request special help, please reply to the email you received when you purchased the add-on.  It will have the subject line “Purchase receipt from wpusersplugin”.  If you no longer have that email, and you are a current plugin user with an active valid license, you may email me at with your details.   Please provide as much info as you can as this will help get a solution to you as quickly as possible.

Special Assistance

If you have a special request beyond normal support, please consider it carefully and provide as much information and examples as you can.  If I have the time, I may post a dedicated writeup on your case study.  There may be a small fee to access the answer.

I am sometimes available for a fee for special assistance if you are time poor or desperate.

Alternate support options are: