Debugging tips

amr-users debugging tips:

  • Start with the basic default list using normal fields – get that working.
  • Then try for your special fields. Check that you have sample data created – ie actually in phpmyadmin !
  • Check documentation, search on keywords
  • If it looks like a clash maybe, try this

amr-personalised debugging tips

If you are not getting the desired output (perhaps it is blank?), then check the following:

Pages/post – Not logged In:

Is the default text for user name configured in the settings ?  If not and you are not logged in, the you will see nothing (ie no output, or empty string output).

Pages/post – Logged in

Does the user you have logged in with actually have user profile data?  If there is no name data, then it too may show blank.  If there is a blank string stored in the database, then it may bring that up.  A newer version (2.3) will check for blank strings.  So for 2.3 up it will show at least (if no other data) the nick_name (as that is a required wp field) or user_login or email

Emails – must be sending to 1 user at a time

Since a user is not logged in when an email is sent, the only other way to determine the individual user is by the email recipient.  Therefore emails must be configured by whatever plugin you are using, to send one email per user.  Bulk multi-destination emails cannot work.

Message feature or not?

If you are using the message feature and one of the fields has no data, then the message will not display at all.

EG: if the user has not entered a bio, then a shortcode with a message as below, will return nothing:

user message=”Your bio:  %s ” user_description

If the shortcode however uses:

user  user_description

then if there is no bio, the words user_description will be shown (from v 2.3 up).

If you have a complicated message, please break it down into multiple messages that can standalone, so if one piece of data is missing, you will not lose the whole message.

Misspellings (or wordpress has changed the metakey name)

Please also check that the meta key you are attempting to use is correctly spelled.
Check the database if you can.

Admin users only:



where x is the id of a user.  This will dump all the data immediately for that user so you can check  you have the correct fieldname.  Note: Only a user with “edit_users” capability can do this.