amr users plus

Adds features to amr-users:

  • custom (alphabetical) navigation
    • choose which field to ‘index’ on – last name, display name, company name, region ?
    • enter own alphabet or set of characters to filter on – other values will be shown under ‘other’
  • Filtering options can be defined per column.
  • Link types

    • user url
    • another list to use as a member profile
    • buddypress profile
    • edit link for admin users
    • email
    • various 3rd party profile pages
  • Formats for fields where a field type has been defined.
    • timestamps, dates, datetimes etc as
      • a localised date & time
      • a date
      • a time
      • x days, weeks etc ‘ago’
      • age
    • email as mailto (note: for wp user email one can also use the linktype)
    • booleans
      • tick or cross
      • true or false
      • T, F
      • Y, N
    • image urls, relative urls (eg uploads) as
      • image in various wordpress sizes
      • as icon with link to image
      • as field name (maybe ‘certificate’) with link to image
    • numbers as telephone call links
      • text with call html
      • phone icon with call link
    • integers as ranking, percents, stars
    • and more.  If something you’d like is not there, please contact me. The way the plugin is structured now, it is not too hard to add most requests.



user list with lower case latin alphabet and custom text

user list with lower case latin alphabet and custom text

Create a custom alphabet

Create a custom alphabet

User List with filtering above the list on custom fields

User List with filtering above the list on custom fields

  1. Activate the ‘plus’ plugin
  2. Configure a list – click the  ‘navigation’  tab
  3. Customised and save the navigation settings (optional)
    1. maybe it is just the fieldname to index on that you need to change?
    2. ensure that the combination of settings makes sense.
  4. In the list’s overview settings switch custom navigation on
  5. Rebuild the cache
  6. View the list

Enable custom navigation in the overview settings if not already enabled.

Customise the navigation

Filtering instructions

  1. Activate the ‘plus’ plugin.
  2. In Configure the list, click the ‘filtering’ tab (now functional)
  3. Choose the filter type for the fields you wish to filter by  (they must of course be in your list)
  4. Click Update
  5. In the configure list overview settings, specify where filtering should be show in the public view (in table headers, above the list or not at all (field settings will be saved))
  6. Rebuild the cache

Configure Filtering


  • amr-users version 3.5.3 or later.


Filters are available – see the source code or make contact.


For latest files, please see