amr users plus ym

The following small plugin is available free to all users of amr-users. It is not included in amr-users as it is only relevant to people using the “Your members” (Ym) membership plugin.

Why needed?:

  •  Special formatting for ym fields in the amr-user reports.
    • Ym recently changed the way they stored dates. They are now in a unix timestamp format. 
  • Bulk update (using ym functions) of ym users with selection and filter of users prior to update by amr users lists.
    • Ym has less than desirable (imho) selection facilities for updating users – especially when an upgrade doesn’t quite update the data correctly and one needs to select subsets of users for updating.

Getting Started

Using amr users create a user list helps you select, sort and  filter the users the way you’d like to update.  Below the list, the ym bulk update form will appear IF

  • ym fields are included in the list and
  • this “amr user plus ym” addon is activated, and
  • you’re in the admin backend, and
  • you have authority to update users


Version 2.0 offers all of version 1 plus :

  • bulk select a subset of users,
  • specify an update with a copy of the ym update form
  • pass the inputs to the ym update function for processing

See screenshots further below.

Version 1.0 offers formating functions for the ym date fields so that they will display as yyyy-mm-dd dates.

Terms of use

This is free sofwtare with absolutely no warranty or guarantee.  I have used it successfully on a couple of sites to clean up corrupted or legacy member data.  However you should test on your data first and check that it integrates with your version of ym (I tested with ym 11.0.6 – it may work with earlier versions as the ym update form has not changed much.)


Please logon to access the downloads – they are free.



amr-users-plus-ym v1



Filter and bulk select some of your members using a amr-user list that YOU have designed.


Passes inputs to ym function for processing and runs the ym list for the selected users