add-ons to access 3rd party fields

The amr-users plugin is a popular, well regarded wordpress user listing, sorting and searching plugin.

The ‘other’ user plugin doesn’t create standard wp usermeta?

Some ‘other’ plugins do not use standard wordpress tables. Sometimes there are
requests for special functionality to read or format member data.

These add-ons enable one to access and formt recalcitrant plugin data in a user membership list.

Need more?

If you hae another pluginwhose data you need to access, I may be able to help.

I will need as full a sample as you can make of their data tables. A phpmyadmin export of the tables with good sample data would be good.

Paid or free or shareware?

I love to hear what people are doing and the brain starts working on their requests even when I don’t really have the time.   So… as a way of recouping some of that time, while keeping costs low, the add-ons are on offer on a paid membership basis either individually or with a broad ‘developer’ membership to the site.

See the submenu for details for add-ons that will help you access fields created by plugins that don’t use wordpress user meta as it should be.

Need something more ? Got some coding skills but need a some help?