The bundles and gold options are the best value.

add on to remove filtering counts

Adds alphabetical navigation, filtering, fields for multiple roles per user, special formats.

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Developer Gold - Maximum access to plugins, posts and longest access to updates.

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A bundle of plugins and add-ons - a subset, not all, not new ones. Access to updates for a year.

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Access to range of plugins and posts and access to updates for 3 years. Also provides continued access to these downloads for developer gold members registered before 25 October 2014.

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Keep email addresses private and facilitate private member to member communication through website emails.

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Enables amr-users to run at network level across all sites. Picks up blog user roles in each site etc

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Adds buddypress fields from buddypress tables, formats the data appropriately. An example function is included to do further formatting if you wish. Choose fields to link to the users buddypress profile page.

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An addon to allow users to find users 'like them'. This is fully functional for some fields and can easily be customised for other fields.

Example add-on to assist in showing social media links for users listings.

Reads Paid Membership Pro tables and adds their fields to the list of fields available for user lists. Defines the date fields as datetime as per the way the data is currently stored.  Various formats can then be chosen for…

Adds  the ability to filter lists by either a date in YYYY-MM-DD format (like wordpress 'user registered' field) or in unix timestamp format.  A date picker is also added. One can enter 'from' or 'to' or both for each field.…

Addon for the User Profiles Made Easy plugin.  This addon creates a linktype 'upme profile' which can then be added to any field (eg avatar field) to create a hyperlink to an upme profile. The request for this addon defined…

Adds to amr-users free plugin the ability to handle and format s2member fields and s2member custom fields: the S2member datetime formatting (in right timezone) timestamp fields (auto_eot, registration, last login etc). Formats phone number fields nicely. And adds auto creation…

Remove admin columns and boxes for all users (existing and new registrations) simply and easily. Logon as a sample user and click things on/off, move them around until it looks and feels right.

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Makes wishlist member user levels available for reporting

Extracts cimy custom fields from cimy tables and makes it look like normal wp user data

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Addon that generates a link to a wp symposium profile page

This add-on adds extra functions to the free amr-users plugin specifically to cope with gravity forms emergency contact user data. Somewhat strangley this data has been serialised - twice - once as a string and then the array inside. This…

A add-on for a very specific request to be able to have inline styles and possible own html tags and combine fields etc.

Sort and Group users in the list by any field.

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format a user video url aand add optional linktypes

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Add on to pull in group membership for groups created by the contexture page security plugin (great for security by groups)

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An example site specific plugin. The examples use filters provided by the amr users plugin. They aim to create additional features and functionality.

Christian asked for what he calls a 'criteria' number for his member list, and what others may call a scoreboard ranking, top 10 chart listing etc..... Basically we want to show the row or list number as displayed.  You can…

Allows one to list media associated with a user as specified by the MyTreasures plugin. The Treasurers are the users media or possessions.

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Allows on to include itthinx groups in your user lists, as well as the number of itthinx groups that a user belongs to. Of course you can then filter, sort and include/exclude based on these fields.

Wordpress cron manager that shows which cron jobs have matching actions. Allows you to reschedule jobs and delete jobs

Counts the number of posts an author has published between two dates.

receives request from cellartracker, redirect to login if necessary, redirect back to requested page once logged in. if/once loggedin: check  input parameters. If all ok,  update user with cellar tracker id, retrieves expiry date, returns expiry to cellartracker via wp_remote_get. …