Users linked to media using myTreasures plugin

This is a custom add-on to the free wordpress amr-users and mytreasures plugin.    The request was to be able to have a column of ‘media’ that users had or were linked to.  The possibly multiple media are “comma and break” separated.  Each media item links to the myTreasures media page.

The media and link are defined by the myTreasures wordpress plugin (The myTreasures plugin is about  audio and video media.  It used for other purposes here.)

The plugin:

  • Adds a media field (called FGL at moment as per request).
  • Adds functions to fetch media id’s linked to users
  • Adds functions to fetch media names for the media id’s
  • Adds formatting function to format the list of media id’s nicely with a link to the media’s own page
  • Adds build link function as the mytreasures build link only works on it’s own page. This function requires the mytreasures page to be identified.
  • Adds a settings page to allow specification of the mytreasures page to link to.
  • No translation currently provided.  The only front end text is in German – “Mehr information” with userid notated.  Text is easily editable or  can be made translatable on request.

Tested on

  • wordpress version 5.3.2 alpha, 
  • amr-users version 3.6.2 (may work with earlier versions too)
  • myTreasures version 2.4.10 (latest as at 24 May 2013)


  1. Activate the add-on plugin
  2. Go to amr-users general settings > find fields. Run find fields. Field FGL should be found.
  3. Go to amr-users myTreasures link page. Specify the mytreasures page to link to. Update/Save.
  4. Goto user list. Add a display order find field. No linktype to be used. Update settings.
  5. Rebuild cache.

Check it works and links to the mytreasures page, with permalinks and without permalinks.



Public list with media

Public list with media

List in admin with media field FGL

List in admin with media field FGL

Setting to specify link

Setting to specify link


The plugin is on offer separately as it is not expected that there will much demand due to the uniqueness of the request.  Thus the price higher than the others on offer. Price include unlimited access to upgrades.    That said  a discounted rate has been applied – the price does not reflect the full cost of development in Australia.



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