amr users like me

This add-on is fully functional.  A logged in user may wish to see users that are like them.  IE: users who share similar characteristics.  You define the characteristics.

Multiple fields can be used to define the similarities that will cause users to be listed.

For non logged in users one could restrict the list as follows:

  • Use the start_empty=1 parameter to hide data if the user is not logged in.
  • or use some other members plugin to keep the userlist private to logged in users only

Please note the following:

  • A logged in admin will show all users. You must test with another user who is not admin.
  • Version 1.1 only applies to userlist.
  • The shared fields must be included in the userlist.
  • Do not add other filtering on top unless you have tested combination of settings very well.
  • The amr-users plus filtering has value counts for the whole list, not just the users restricted list, so your own filter html may be preferable.
  • Refresh/Rebuild cache will not work for restricted users (because there is always a filter and that gets flagged first).  Only admin or the cron job will be able to refresh.  So don’t show the button!


Settings screen:

Example Screenshots


Logged in user restricted to list of users with same country


Loged In as Admin

Not logged in - with empty start set

Not logged in – with empty start set