amr users plus s2member

This add-on adds to the free amr-users plugin the ability to handle and format s2member fields and s2member custom fields. Please start with amr-users before purchasing this add-on.


Example S2 member settings


S2 example member fields in use in a user list


Date and Time formatting

s2member-examplesNo matter what your db prefix is, it will format the S2 member unix timestamps as dates (using your sites timezone, so the times will be meaningful, not UTC based)

  • last_payment_time,
  • auto_eot_time,
  • last_login_time,
  • paid_registration_times,
  • and all the paid_registration_times_levels

It uses the new phone formatting function in amr-users (versions > 3.10) to format any fields with phone in the key name as links with tel:99999999, so that they can be called from the device on which the list is being viewed.

Finally it adds a filter to the ‘nice names’ to automatically clean up the field names for heading purposes so you don’t have to edit it yourself.  You can still see the technical field names in the settings.  (Click reset nice names and rebuild the cache)

The S2member date and time formatting need not interfere with other date and time formats.  The fields can be targeted as specifically as you wish:

Various Date and Time formatting

Various Date and Time formatting

There is also commented out code that you may wish to use to tailor your date and time formatting.

(note: s2 member unique field id’s must be in lowercase -easy to fix if they are not already!)

Please read before getting too carried away with the more complex S2member custom fields.

amr users plus wishlist

This add-on is very basic at version 1.0. Brent requested that he be able to report wishlist member userlevels. Wishlist member data is not stored in wordpress tables, so the main amr-users function does not find their data. This addon reads the wishlist member userlevels table and add’s that to the wordpress user data. It looks up the userlevel names and uses those (not the level ‘numbers’).

This initial version does not attempt to show expiry data as that was specifically not requested.

If you would like to access additional wishlist member data, please contact me and we will see about adding it in to future versions.


amr users plus cimy

When activated, adds extra functions to amr-users

  • will read the cimy tables and make the cimy data look like user meta data
  • Note there may be weird and wonderful ways that you have configured cimy.  If something doesn’t convert easily into the users lists, please post it the support forum, preferably with a dump of your cimy data table.
  • Plugin works using filters added to version 3.2 of amr-users


Cimy data table rough test – user meta like data

Cimy fields table – rought test

Activate the plugin, do “find the fields” under nice names:

Find the fileds and nicenames

Configure your user lists and there they are

Files available:

amr users plus symposium

In response to Tom’s query , this little addon has been created and gifted to Tom.

The add-on enables linking to a wp symposium pro user profile page.  It creates a link type to be selected from the configuration page and then on display of the list, it formats the selected field with a link to the profile page.


Link requested in settings


Link generated

Link generated

Files available:

amr users plus gravity

This add-on adds extra functions to the free amr-users plugin specifically to cope with gravity forms emergency contact user data.
Somewhat strangley this data has been serialised – twice – once as a string and then the array inside. This plugin will unpack the fields for use in lists.

The add-on does not currently include auto update version checking. Extra features may be added on request.

gravity forms emergency contact

gravity forms emergency contact

Files available

amr display a line

This addon offers a tested quick fix working example of a ‘display line’ function that overrides the amr-users display line function.  It was prompted by a request to be able to add inline styles for email templates.  It allows you to therefore specify your own html tags for the line and add inline styling etc.  Ideally you would write your own query and listing routine, but if you need a quicker solution, then this may be the answer.    Next year better alternative custom layout solutions  may be available.   This is a workaround for now. It works under appropriate settings.

inline styl;es and own html tags for some or all fields

inline styl;es and own html tags for some or all fields

It is an example where first name and last name have been combined into one h3 field with its own inline style.     The whole user section also has it’s own inline style example – a border with margin and padding.   The example has code that allows for unexpected extra fields to be listed (in case you forget and add fields to the settings. The extra fields will list at the end.

You will need to edit the code to add your fields.  PHP editing skills required.

  • It works in a normal shortcode in a page with list settings.
  • It has logic to avoid it being included and used in the admin area as it will NOT work well inside table html.   Since the files have to be included early on in wordpress, it may not be that easy to isolate if further (it will apply to all frontend lists).   If the email templates are generated while ‘DOING_CRON’, it may be possible to only have it apply during Cron (cool, but hard to test then!).
  • It has comments and tips to help you add your own coding
  • It plays nicely with list settings:  public, simple html style, no headings etc
  • It has some examples with new html tags and some using the existing
  • It has some examples which call the plugin formatting and some where it does not and you could thus add your own.


  • Create a list that has username, email, first name, last name and some other fields (not too many). Choose simple html, Switch off headings.
  • Put the userlist shortcode in a page to test the list
  • Activate the plugin
  • Refresh your test page and verify the whole thing works
  • Once you have done that, then and only then start changing list and editing code  for your needs.

The price does not include any further consulting or support that may be required.  If you do not have the necessary skills to alter it for your purposes, don’t buy it.


amr users plus groupings

A request was made to be able to ‘group’ users in sections.


  • amr-users (free) version 3.4.4 or higher
  • amr-users-plus version 2.2 or higher


  • almost any field can be used as the grouping field – sort by the grouping field first.
  • filtering will work with the grouping – see example screenshots


Grouping users in the admin table view

Grouping users in the admin table view

Grouping users in the simple non table view

Grouping users in the simple non table view

User Lists Grouped by role

Grouping Admin Screen

User Lists with users grouped

Grouping with alpha navigation

Grouping and Filtering working together

Grouping and Filtering working together

Grouping after filtering applied

Grouping after filtering applied

Files available

amr plus video formats and linktypes

Video url formats and linktypes

A request was received with definition in various stages:

  • if a video url exists, display a video icon and link to video, else display nothing
  • if a video url exists, display a custom uploaded video icon and link to a member detail page
  • as above but link to a custom (non-amr-user list) details page passing a userid parameter

The code supplied in the purchaseable add-on plugin download offers the following:

Video Url field formatting:

  1. if a video url exists, display  wordpress default video icon and link to video (default)
  2. if a video url exists, display custom video icon and link to video (comment out the code for step above and uncomment the code to display custom icon)
  3. link to a custom third party details page (that hopefully has the video) (Uncomment the code to do this)
link types

link types and wordpress video icon

video on file

custom video icon on file


  • user meta fields called ‘video_url’ must exist
video url in phpmyadmin

video url in phpmyadmin

Additional Link Types:

For use on fields that do NOT already have custom formatting.  IE: do not use on the video url field above, but could be used on other user fields as demonstrated.

  1. Link to a amr-user list page called ‘memberdetails’.  Edit to suit.  Demo here.
  2. Link to a custom third party page called ‘details.php’ passing parameter userid=x.  Location of custom file may have to be edited.

Note if a wordpress ‘author’ template is intended, then use the already provided ‘author archive’ link.

Linktypes added

Linktypes added


  1. for 1) above, a wp page with a amr-users list must exists.  This list must include any user whose id may be passed to it from the starting list
  2. for 2) a suitably named php file must exist that will accept a userid parameter


Note: the price here reflects the custom nature of this work and the unlikelihood that there will ever be more than one or two purchasers.    This code and the optional alternatives (currently commented out) have been tested on wp 3.9.1 and data as indicated in the screenshots.  If problems are experienced after editing further consulting or support costs may be incurred, depending how time consuming the support is.

Files available:


amr users plus contexture groups

An add-on to pull in group membership for groups created by the contexture page security plugin (great for security by groups) is now available.  This was requested by Nancy to assist with listing orchestra members and the groups that they belong to for music access.


Demonstration test


Screenshot Email of Thanks

Nice to wake up to thanks like this

Fields added for use in list:

  • groups (name),
  • groups(ids),
  • groups expiry dates,
  • a group count


  • want the group titles, not just the group ids, eg for csv purposes, so a groups and groups id field is added in
  • the description appears when you hover over the group name
  • Click on  the group and filter just users in that group
  • Can sort people by who belongs to the most groups – a group count
  • The contexture groups allow for membership to expire (but strangely not to start?).  The plugin only picks up current memberships (not yet expired) as per the groups listing
  • Expiry field will list any expiry dates with a hover to show which group the expiry relates to.
Files available:

example site specific

An example site specific plugin aimed at those with some php skills.  Provides examples of the

  • link types filter used to create additional types of links for your user fields.
  • formatting a field using own routine
  • Code to show_current_user_as_default in a detailed profile page intended for single user

This plugin will not auto update for obvious reasons – it is intended to be renamed and customised.

More details here