amr user to user emails

A clean low key solution to allow private member to member communication through the website and keep email addresses private.


Developer adds a linktype of ’email with contact form’ to a field in a user list.   This enables logged in users with the configured capability to select a member by clicking the field.  The link takes them to a contact form where they can specify a subject and a message.   When the user submits their message, it is sent from the website.  Website headers and footers can be added in the settings.

No email addresses are seen unless the settings say they can be.  Emails are sent from the system using a ‘to’ and ‘from’ email address specified by the system.


Access can be provided on request to serious buyers to the demo system.  From the memberdetails page, one can click through to email contact form. Only available to logged in users with the right access.


  • specify sending and to emails (required for bcc)
  • specify whether to use cc or bcc for emails
  • specify mandatory headers and footers for email content, which can include placeholders for sender and receiver details
  • adds a linktype to amr-users lists settings to allow linking to the email contact form
  • specify member list page and contact url page
  • email messages are private ie no record is curently kept on the system by this plugin.  A copy of the emails can be kept by specifying a ‘to’ address.
  • basic unsubscribe link offered – this will depend on other functionality in the system.
  • auto plugin update available if license key entered.
Configure any field in a amr-users list to have a 'email contact' and logged in users will be able to click through and email a member while the email address is kept private.

Configure any field in a amr-users list to have a ’email contact’ and logged in users will be able to click through and email a member while the email address is kept private.

The contact page with default content

Email addresses are kept private -The contact page with default content

Please contact me if you are interested and require more functionality.  Note: a developer gold bundle may be better value as access is available to more for much longer periods.

This plugin functions both as an add-on to amr-users and can also be used with other plugins or themes by using a template tag.

Possible additional features to come

  •  Add a reply link in the email to direct the recipient to the website’s contact form with sufficient access to send email ? or back to the member list with a filter or search on the member name.
  • Add timelimits to how quickly a message must be sent to replied to
  • Add timelimit to when the form must be used (not working with nonce_life at moment)
  • Add ‘throttle’ to prevent a member sending too many emails too quickly. – Maybe emails per day ? and emails per user.  have to have at least a log of email receipients by sender then
  • Add email logging system – with optional settings – could be a record for both sender and possibly also recipient ?
  • Add a ‘preview’ feature.
  • Maybe allow for html ? Maybe more branding for the site ?
  • Easy Unsubscribe option – may depend on how membership defined.  Possibly have to add own control? Or perhaps they should not be displayed in member list then?


send settings

Shortcode for contact page:


Template tag:

member_contact ($linktype='email_via_contact_form', 
$user, // the target user object


amr users multisite


  • Enables amr users plugin to be run at network level across the blogs.
  • Will pickup the roles of the users within each blog
  • Adds computed ‘fields’ like
    • blogcount per role per user with links and
    • bloglist per user with links,
    • overall bloglist as per wp user list with links with styling for mature/spam etc sites

amr users in multisite (without the multisite addon)

  • can be network activated for all blogs, or
  • individually activated by blog owner
  • works as per amr users on a single site
  • only shows users for that blog
  • no view of all users across all blogs

amr users multisite addon

  • adds example report to network admin or master blog, and user list settings at network admin level
  • capabilities per blog available
  • adds additional ‘computed’ fields
    • blogcount per role per user with links to list of sites for that user,
    • bloglist per user with links,
    • overall bloglist (as per wp user list) with links with styling for mature/spam etc sites
  • no impact on blog versions of amr users


Example report in amr users multisite for network admin

Multi site network admin user list with avatar and with bloglist with links to blogs/sites


Additional ‘computed’ fields available

Roles across multi site

Fields found across multi site

amr users plus buddypress

This is an add-on to the free amr-users plugin and requires that the amr-users plugin be installed.

buddy press fields and link types

buddy press fields and link types


  • It will inspect the buddypress tables and add the field names and, of course the data to the amr-users plugin.
  • It formats the data appropriately.  An example function is included to do further formatting if you wish.
  • All possible extended profile field types have been tested.
  • One can choose to have any of the user fields link to the users buddypress profile page. (v1.1)
  • It has also been tested with amr-users-plus, so all filtering functionality will work with the buddypress fields.
  • Now also allows one to select for display the buddypress member cover image.
Buddy press example extended profile fields

Buddy press example extended profile fields

Add link to buddypress member profile page

Add link to buddypress member profile page


Buddy Press extended profile field types with filtering

Buddy Press extended profile field types with filtering

Report and select by buddy press groups

Report and select by buddy press groups


  • activate the plugin
  • create representative test data for a set of users (both wp and buddy press data)
  • “find the fields” using amr-users
  • configure your chosen list to add the buddy press fields you want to display.
  • rebuild cache and view the list.


now at version 2.0


  • As a special request from simon of simonIT, a buddy press addon was developed.
  • Aaron requested ability to link to a members buddypress profile page – this is in version 1.1,
  • Lyndon requested a link to the a resume page created by the bp resume plugin. This is in version 1.5.
  • Nov 2016 Arvind requested the buddypress member cover image be selectable.  It is now in 1.9



amr users like me

This add-on is fully functional.  A logged in user may wish to see users that are like them.  IE: users who share similar characteristics.  You define the characteristics.

Multiple fields can be used to define the similarities that will cause users to be listed.

For non logged in users one could restrict the list as follows:

  • Use the start_empty=1 parameter to hide data if the user is not logged in.
  • or use some other members plugin to keep the userlist private to logged in users only

Please note the following:

  • A logged in admin will show all users. You must test with another user who is not admin.
  • Version 1.1 only applies to userlist.
  • The shared fields must be included in the userlist.
  • Do not add other filtering on top unless you have tested combination of settings very well.
  • The amr-users plus filtering has value counts for the whole list, not just the users restricted list, so your own filter html may be preferable.
  • Refresh/Rebuild cache will not work for restricted users (because there is always a filter and that gets flagged first).  Only admin or the cron job will be able to refresh.  So don’t show the button!


Settings screen:

Example Screenshots


Logged in user restricted to list of users with same country


Loged In as Admin

Not logged in - with empty start set

Not logged in – with empty start set

amr users plus social

Using an image sprite with hover

Using an image sprite with hover

Add social media profile links to your public user lists?   Here is an add-on that works out the box or you can customise:

  • option to group social media icons, or to list them separately
  • uses standard wordpress contact methods functionality or customise to use your own fields
  • it uses amr-user filters and hooks so you can customise the hell out of it and stay within the upgrade path of the main plugin
  • lots of code comments and clearly written code that can be copied and tweaked , so minimal php,css knowledge required
  • totally translatable in case you have a multi-language site
  • use any user profile fields you may already have collected
  • optionally add new ones simply using wordpress contact methods
  • use your own themes css, or use a choice of provided images, or load your own
    • image sprite example (replace with own sprites and css as desired), or get more.  Perhaps a glyph version?
    • jetpack social media images (must have jetpack installed)
  • Both provided css options have softer focus on main icons which brighten on hover.
  • work with the social profile fields individually or manipulate a social media block in the lists
  • custom social profile formatting functions (using amr-users pluggable function lookup for format functions)

An html 5 version:

user list with social media links

user list with social media links

Admin example view – individual control or a ‘block’.

Example list with two social media profile options

List for demonstration purposes: To show both individual social media profile field control or as a ‘block’



  • Download, unzip
  • Optionally edit social profile contact methods as desired (or perhaps test first, edit later…)
  • Ftp to your plugin directory,Activate
  • Edit some user profiles – make sure there is data in social media profile fields desired. Save
  • Go to amr-user settings. Run ‘Find fields’ to pickup these if not already identified
  • Add social media fields to your lists (block or individual fields)
  • Rebuild lists, voila

Edits may be desired

  • If already have social profiles in database, then check if field names are different.  Edit add-on plugin names (should be fairly obvious) in various sections. Look for the ‘EDIT this’ in the comments.
  • Using jetpack?  Change css stylesheet path (See “EDIT this” – half of one line of code
  • Using jetpack and want smaller icons?  Change the jetpack css file (or create copy and change path as per above
  • Not using jetpack. Want a different image sprite?  Replace the image, tweak css file as necessary (sizes, image name, hover attributes etc)
  • a sample user_url formatting function is included.  It is not necessarily recommended as is (sample strips the protocol and the www.  Some website owners want their www showing.)


If you need help editing, I am available for a fee.  Work out exactly what you think you’d like to have happen (in doing this you may figure it out yourself!).  Then contact me.  The more info you provide upfront, the quicker we can get a solution for you.


amr users plus pmp

  • Reads Paid Membership Pro tables and adds their fields to the list of fields available for user lists.
  • Defines the date fields as datetime as per the way the data is currently stored.  Various formats can then be chosen for these date fields.
  • Creates and builds up a PMP history field.  The function that does this is ‘pluggable’, so you can write your own site-specific plugin to format the history data.

pmp all data with variety of date formats

Pmp dates alternate format

amr users plus date ranges

Adds  the ability to filter lists by either a date in YYYY-MM-DD format (like wordpress ‘user registered’ field) or in unix timestamp format.  A date picker is also added.

One can enter ‘from’ or ‘to’ or both for each field.

Add-on requires

  • amr-users version >= 3.31 and
  • amr-users-plus version > 2.17  (this has number and text range filtering.)

This is the first version.  If you have feature requests or bug reports, please send through.

Range Filter options above the table

Range Filter options above the table

ranges filters in table heading

ranges filters in table heading

New filter settings options

New filter settings options

amr users plus UPME

Addon for the User Profiles Made Easy plugin.  This addon creates a linktype ‘upme profile’ which can then be added to any field (eg avatar field) to create a hyperlink to an upme profile. The request for this addon defined the upme profile url as …/profile/[username]  and the addon therefore creates the url in that form.

UPme linktype on hover

‘Inspect element’ browser showing the html source code generated

Settings – linktype

Files available: