amr users plus

Adds many features to the free amr-users plugin

  • range of additional formatting options for dates, times, timestamps, telephone numbers, urls, image urls, ranking numbers etc
  • if a user meta value is actually a post id (or custom post id), you can tell the plugin that and you can then format the id as link with post title, or other options, group by the post, eg if multiple users belong to an entity represented with a custom post type.
  • add links behnd a field (eg edit links for admin users only, the users web url behind a username or display name, images, uploaded files, icon links etc)
  • ability to filter by chosen fields via dropdown, checkbox, radio buttons, even tabs
  • alphabetical navigation on a field of your choice and with / without case sensitity
  • add post counts as pseudo fields
  • integrate with other¬† plugin data via extra add-ons if the other plugins store their data in non wp user meta standard way.
  • coming soon: ability to control which lists appear in user submenu, with special short list names, to sort via drag & drop and renumber lists.

Various demo sites available:

License Length: 1 year.  See developer bundles for longer access

  • amr-users-plus3.26
  • amr-users-plus3.27


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