amr users plus um

Demo site at 1 year licensed access to updates before renewal required.


  • default formatting functions for various Ultimate member fields, including images stored in subfolders under wp uploads
  • sets fieldtypes in amr-users so that various formatting functions in amr-users-plus can be used
  • ability to link to Ultimate Member Customised detailed user profile.   (As part of this work, updates to amr-users-plus allow display of ultimate member rating and actually any field defined as a ratings or as a percent to be displayed with stars or percent sign.).It uses the Ultimate Member function to get the url for the users profile so it will work with whatever your Ultimate member profile url permalink settings are.


Um profile link

UM Profile linktype

UM Profile linktype

  • amr-users-plus-um1.0
  • amr-users-plus-um1.2