amr users plus s2member

This add-on adds to the free amr-users plugin the ability to handle and format s2member fields and s2member custom fields. Please start with amr-users before purchasing this add-on.


Example S2 member settings


S2 example member fields in use in a user list


Date and Time formatting

s2member-examplesNo matter what your db prefix is, it will format the S2 member unix timestamps as dates (using your sites timezone, so the times will be meaningful, not UTC based)

  • last_payment_time,
  • auto_eot_time,
  • last_login_time,
  • paid_registration_times,
  • and all the paid_registration_times_levels

It uses the new phone formatting function in amr-users (versions > 3.10) to format any fields with phone in the key name as links with tel:99999999, so that they can be called from the device on which the list is being viewed.

Finally it adds a filter to the ‘nice names’ to automatically clean up the field names for heading purposes so you don’t have to edit it yourself.  You can still see the technical field names in the settings.  (Click reset nice names and rebuild the cache)

The S2member date and time formatting need not interfere with other date and time formats.  The fields can be targeted as specifically as you wish:

Various Date and Time formatting

Various Date and Time formatting

There is also commented out code that you may wish to use to tailor your date and time formatting.

(note: s2 member unique field id’s must be in lowercase -easy to fix if they are not already!)

Please read before getting too carried away with the more complex S2member custom fields.


  • amr-users-plus-s2member-2.4
  • amr-users-plus-s2member3.0