amr users plus ranking

Christian asked for what he calls a ‘criteria’ number for his member list, and what others may call a scoreboard ranking, a top 10 chart listing.

Use any user or usermeta field generated by another plugin (or further fields if the necessary add-on is available) to determine the ranking (Eg; post counts?  or for gaming sites, perhaps you have some score field? ).  You can list both the score field and the ranking.

Define the sort order in your normal list configuration.   When the report is run, the formatting function will add one as each user is displayed.  Thus the sort order determines the current ‘ranking’ of the user, enabling you to use any sortable field to determine the ranking.  Change the field name or heading to whatever you like.


  1. It allows a ranking field to be displayed.  Use “find fields” to bring it up after plugin activation.
  2. Then configure your list, scroll down till you see the ranking field.  Add a number to the display column to say which column it should display in.
  3. Save
  4. Rebuild cache.

To show only the top ten, or the most recent ‘x’:

  1. set the rows per page for your list to your top ‘x’ number
  2. untick the ‘per page’ and ‘page navigation’ in the overview settings
  3. now only the first page will show and there will no navigation

Multiple page ranking

The ranking will work for more than one page if you choose to show page navigation.  It checks which page was requested and how many rows per page are being displayed.  Then starts the ranking count appropriately, and increments from there.

ranked users


The downloads will be also accessible to logged in users who have access to developer gold options  If you are not already registered, the most cost effective options are the ‘developer’ memberships as they give you access to the most add-ons and plugins.  Alternatively you can purchase short term access.  Note if upgrades are made after access expiry , membership repurchase or upgrade will be required.