amr users plus profilegrid

This add-on:

  • deals with profilegrid serialised checkbox fields, unseralising them and extracting the data from the resulting arrays, including the profile grid geolocation addon address field
  • makes nice default nice names for profile grid fields instead of pm_field_10, pm_field_11 etc. Add on must be active before ‘find fields’ is run OR ‘find fields’ must be refreshed, although note that will reset all nice names.  Alternatively just set nice names yourself for these numbered custom fields.
  • extract the profile grid group names from the profile grid settings and display these lables instead of the numeric ids for the groups
  • provides default format for avatar and cover image using avatar size setting, as otherwise the field just has the media id
  • provides default format for Pm Last Active Time and Pm Last Login as ‘ days or hours etc ago’, else it would just show the unix timestamp
  • provide nice lables for the profile privacy settings as per profile grid hardcoded values
  • add a linktype to the configure a list format screen so that one can link to the profilegrid my profile url from any field

A live demo list is available at

1 year licensed access to updates before renewal required.

Profile Grid Add on with filtering

Profile Grid Add fixes the labels for filtering fields amogst other improvements

addon actrive

add on improving apperance of profile grid fields

List after add-on was activated

List after add-on was activated

Show the link behind the field

  • amr-users-plus-profilegrid1.5
  • amr-users-plus-profilegrid.1.6