amr users plus itthinxgroups

By request, an add-on for the  “WordPress Groups” plugin by itthinx is now available.   The request was to be able to show the groups that a wordpress user belonged it.  The headings are of course changeable -they don’t have to be headed itthinx groups. I had to distinguish them from other groups created by other plugins –  there are so many things called ‘groups’ or grouping.

Pluggable functions have been used to do the formatting – the groups if clicked will link to a filtered view of the list with only users belong to that group showing.

It seemed it may also be useful to be able to show and sort by the number of groups that a user belongs it, so a ‘count’ field was also added.

This add-on requires amr-users 3.4.4.

Files available:

  • amr-users-plus-itthinxgroups1.2



ithinx groups example