amr users plus count by dates

This add-on adds to the free amr-users plugin the ability to specify two dates (date picker included) and have the plugin calculate the number of posts that an author has published between those two dates.

This add-on is not currently for sale.  If you require something like this, please contact me with your requirements.


  • Dates default to the last 30 days (inclusive)
  • Date picker included
  • In admin heading text will note the dates for the cached counts (in case this is different from the default dates)
  • Can be used for any additional custom post types too (separate fields)
  • Page and post totals link to the page and post list, with author selection and sorted by date descending (for verification)
  • Text is fully translateable so you can totally customise using a translation plugin
Count posts published within two dates

Count posts published within two dates

Count custom post types within two dates

Count custom post types within two dates

settings page

New fields can be found by clicking ‘find fields’ in the settings


  1. Check that you are using version 3.6 of amr-users or higher
  2. Activate this add-on plugin
  3. Goto wordpress settings > user lists > General settings > Fields & Nicenames
  4. Click ‘find fields’.  If the add-on is activated, then amr-users will recognise pseudo fields for post counts by post types.
  5. Scroll down and check that the ‘totalbydates’ fields have been found. Tick/untick the ones you want to use in lists
  6. Choose a list to add the fields to. Configure the list. Add a display order number (column number) to the chosen field.
  7. Rebuild cache.  If a list includes totalbydates fields, then date selection html will be shown above the list.

Optional extras:

  1. Choose sorting possibly? Tick descending.
  2. Maybe exclude non-author users ? add ‘author’ to the include column.

This add-on was specifically requested. It is being made commonly available to reduce the cost to the requester (charity). Basically I’m taking the risk of recovering my development time.  However the price does also reflect that there is probably a much smaller audience for this addon than for some other add-ons.   As always it will be available to the developer memberships.