amr users plus contexture groups

An add-on to pull in group membership for groups created by the contexture page security plugin (great for security by groups) is now available.  This was requested by Nancy to assist with listing orchestra members and the groups that they belong to for music access.


Demonstration test


Screenshot Email of Thanks

Nice to wake up to thanks like this

Fields added for use in list:

  • groups (name),
  • groups(ids),
  • groups expiry dates,
  • a group count


  • want the group titles, not just the group ids, eg for csv purposes, so a groups and groups id field is added in
  • the description appears when you hover over the group name
  • Click on  the group and filter just users in that group
  • Can sort people by who belongs to the most groups – a group count
  • The contexture groups allow for membership to expire (but strangely not to start?).  The plugin only picks up current memberships (not yet expired) as per the groups listing
  • Expiry field will list any expiry dates with a hover to show which group the expiry relates to.
Files available:
  • amr-users-plus-contexture-groups1.0
  • amr-users-plus-contexture-groups-1.1
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