amr users plus cimy

When activated, adds extra functions to amr-users

  • will read the cimy tables and make the cimy data look like user meta data
  • Note there may be weird and wonderful ways that you have configured cimy.  If something doesn’t convert easily into the users lists, please post it the support forum, preferably with a dump of your cimy data table.
  • Plugin works using filters added to version 3.2 of amr-users


Cimy data table rough test – user meta like data

Cimy fields table – rought test

Activate the plugin, do “find the fields” under nice names:

Find the fileds and nicenames

Configure your user lists and there they are


1 year licensed access to updates before renewal required.

Files available:

  • amr-users-plus-cimy1.1
  • amr-users-plus-cimy1.2
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