amr user to user emails

A clean low key solution to allow private member to member communication through the website and keep email addresses private.  1 year licensed access to updates before renewal required.


Developer adds a linktype of ’email with contact form’ to a field in a user list.   This enables logged in users with the configured capability to select a member by clicking the field.  The link takes them to a contact form where they can specify a subject and a message.   When the user submits their message, it is sent from the website.  Website headers and footers can be added in the settings.

No email addresses are seen unless the settings say they can be.  Emails are sent from the system using a ‘to’ and ‘from’ email address specified by the system.


Access can be provided on request to serious buyers to the demo system.  From the memberdetails page, one can click through to email contact form. Only available to logged in users with the right access.


  • specify sending and to emails (required for bcc)
  • specify whether to use cc or bcc for emails
  • specify mandatory headers and footers for email content, which can include placeholders for sender and receiver details
  • adds a linktype to amr-users lists settings to allow linking to the email contact form
  • specify member list page and contact url page
  • email messages are private ie no record is curently kept on the system by this plugin.  A copy of the emails can be kept by specifying a ‘to’ address.
  • basic unsubscribe link offered – this will depend on other functionality in the system.
  • auto plugin update available if license key entered.
Configure any field in a amr-users list to have a 'email contact' and logged in users will be able to click through and email a member while the email address is kept private.

Configure any field in a amr-users list to have a ’email contact’ and logged in users will be able to click through and email a member while the email address is kept private.

The contact page with default content

Email addresses are kept private -The contact page with default content

Please contact me if you are interested and require more functionality.  Note: a developer gold bundle may be better value as access is available to more for much longer periods.

This plugin functions both as an add-on to amr-users and can also be used with other plugins or themes by using a template tag.

Possible additional features to come

  •  Add a reply link in the email to direct the recipient to the website’s contact form with sufficient access to send email ? or back to the member list with a filter or search on the member name.
  • Add timelimits to how quickly a message must be sent to replied to
  • Add timelimit to when the form must be used (not working with nonce_life at moment)
  • Add ‘throttle’ to prevent a member sending too many emails too quickly. – Maybe emails per day ? and emails per user.  have to have at least a log of email receipients by sender then
  • Add email logging system – with optional settings – could be a record for both sender and possibly also recipient ?
  • Add a ‘preview’ feature.
  • Maybe allow for html ? Maybe more branding for the site ?
  • Easy Unsubscribe option – may depend on how membership defined.  Possibly have to add own control? Or perhaps they should not be displayed in member list then?


send settings

Shortcode for contact page:


Template tag:

member_contact ($linktype='email_via_contact_form', 
$user, // the target user object


  • amr-user-to-user-emails.2
  • amr-user-to-user-emails.2.1
  • amr-user-to-user-emails.2.2
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