amr display a line

This addon offers a tested quick fix working example of a ‘display line’ function that overrides the amr-users display line function.  It was prompted by a request to be able to add inline styles for email templates.  It allows you to therefore specify your own html tags for the line and add inline styling etc.  Ideally you would write your own query and listing routine, but if you need a quicker solution, then this may be the answer.    Next year better alternative custom layout solutions  may be available.   This is a workaround for now. It works under appropriate settings.

inline styl;es and own html tags for some or all fields

inline styl;es and own html tags for some or all fields

It is an example where first name and last name have been combined into one h3 field with its own inline style.     The whole user section also has it’s own inline style example – a border with margin and padding.   The example has code that allows for unexpected extra fields to be listed (in case you forget and add fields to the settings. The extra fields will list at the end.

You will need to edit the code to add your fields.  PHP editing skills required.

  • It works in a normal shortcode in a page with list settings.
  • It has logic to avoid it being included and used in the admin area as it will NOT work well inside table html.   Since the files have to be included early on in wordpress, it may not be that easy to isolate if further (it will apply to all frontend lists).   If the email templates are generated while ‘DOING_CRON’, it may be possible to only have it apply during Cron (cool, but hard to test then!).
  • It has comments and tips to help you add your own coding
  • It plays nicely with list settings:  public, simple html style, no headings etc
  • It has some examples with new html tags and some using the existing
  • It has some examples which call the plugin formatting and some where it does not and you could thus add your own.


  • Create a list that has username, email, first name, last name and some other fields (not too many). Choose simple html, Switch off headings.
  • Put the userlist shortcode in a page to test the list
  • Activate the plugin
  • Refresh your test page and verify the whole thing works
  • Once you have done that, then and only then start changing list and editing code  for your needs.

The price does not include any further consulting or support that may be required.  If you do not have the necessary skills to alter it for your purposes, don’t buy it.