via twitter: Very much in love with amr-users, plus S2members

Thanks to Silvia for this comment expressing her appreciation of the users plugin.

twitter comment

She has also figured out the power of the pluggable functions based on the user meta field names, and suggested one of her own.  I have modified it slightly to account for the fact that other ‘add ons’ may have the unix timestamp formatting function (eg the ym addon) .

Plugin Name: amr-users-plus-s2m
Plugin URI:
Author URI:
Description: Adds extra functions for Subscribe2Member amr-users
License: GPL2

/* -------------------------------------------------------------*/
if (!function_exists('ausers_format_s2member_auto_eot_time')) {
	function ausers_format_s2member_auto_eot_time($v, $u) {
		return ausers_format_unix_timestamp($v);
if (!function_exists('ausers_format_unix_timestamp')) {
	function ausers_format_unix_timestamp($v) {
		if (empty($v)) return('');
		return (date ('Y-M-d', (int) $v));

Awesome upgrade of this very useful plugin


Shameless recording of positive comments from the forum.  But hey I don’t do much self promotion, so how else will others know how useful it is and how quickly any problems are responded to?

Hi, awesome upgrade of this very useful plugin…

Perfect! Issue solved. Thanks so much for the blazing fast fix.

Anmari’s great amr-users plugin and a question ?


a nice plug for the plugin

I monitor the “Your members” plugin support forum because

  1. I use the product and
  2. one learns a lot by questions that people ask.

Adegivesmas has noted the amr-users plugin as helpful with his board members list requirement.    He also has a specific question about roles and integration with various plugins. Specifically I think the difficulty is in giving access to parts of YM setup – such as the ability to create packages. I’ve jumped in with a thought, but am interested to see what other responses are.

User templates plugin fills a niche


Peter - about a beta upgrade

This plugin definitely fills a niche that I am not aware any other plugin does and I appreciate the quick responses to my queries so far.


By email, from Peter