Format a field as a link

The configure settings allow one to specify a type of link for each field.  There are

  • predefined link types
  • link types for urls added by third party plugins. an addon is needed for those.
  • You can also define your own rule for a link type via filter or pluggable function. See example site specific plugin.

Predefined link types

link types close up

link types

Hardcoded links

This is an old example of a site specific add-on created specifically for a certain website.

Teachers Website is now a clickable link

Teachers Website is now a clickable link

This site specific plugin adds a formatting function for a custom field created by a third party plugin.  In this case the field is called ‘teachers-website’.  

The formatting function therefore must be called:

ausers_format_teachers_website($v, $u)

This example includes target=”_blank” as that was requested.  However please read what various institutions advise about opening new windows on links:

Instructions on how to create your own formatting function are here:

amr_format_extra_fields (zip file)