Multisite: List users and their blogs

In the latest release of amr users multisite (V 2.2), there are two “blog list”fields:

  • One where the blog list is formatted at display time only and offers the blog name, with  edit and view action links on hover.
  • The other “bloglist for csv resource intrensive” simply lists the blog id in a csv string.  This is built at cache time (and is therefore done for ALL users) and can be extracted to csv.     It has the default cumbersome to make  the point that you choose it with the warning that it may be resource intensive.

Full blog list options


In wordpress multisite,there is a shared wordpress user master for all the blogs.    The wordpress “All users” list shows the blogs that they belong to.

Surely one can therefore extract all users and all the blogs they belong to?  Well yes, thers is even a wordpress function to ‘get the blogs for a user’ but…. if you have a lot of users and a lot of blogs, this could be quite a resource intensive task.

The wordpress “All users” list only fetches and lists the blogs for the user shown on the page,  not for all users in one go.  IE it is kind of a formatting function.

The amr users multisite uses similar code to do the formatted list.