Advanced Shortcode Parameters

From version 3.4.4, Parameters are available to overide list settings. If you are not a farly expert wordpress user, please use the settings rather to avoid confusing yourself. The parameters are for more expert users or more complex requirements. For example they allow one to reuse a single list on multiple pages but with different sort or filtering criteria.

Example of shortcode with parameters

Example of shortcode with parameters

  • show_headings=1 (or 0)
  • show_csv=1 (or 0)
  • show_refresh=1 (or 0)
  • show_search=1 (or 0)
  • show_totals=1
  • rows_perpage=n
  • sort=columnname, can be used with
    • dir=SORT_ASC (or SORT_DESC)
  • filter=show (or hide to hide the filtered column), must be used with
    • columnname=value       eg: roles=Subscriber
Parameter to show total records

Parameter to show total records


URL Parameter use opens up some possibilities that have been requested. EG: currently search only allows one to search the fields that are in the list. One can now add fields to the list, then ‘hide’ that field by adding a filter ‘*’ (display all with values) to it. Then the search will include that field, but not display it. (Personally I do not recommend this as i think it’s confusing.)

 filter=hide columnname=*

Special parameters: