Pull user data from custom table into list

Several add-ons have been developed to extract data created by third party plugins and not stored in the wordpress user and user meta tables.

Request an add-on (charges apply) or If you some php skills, use the example plugin to write your own addon.

If you have a custom table that has user data in it, you can pull it into a list by writing a little site specific plugin and making use of some of the hooks available in the amr-users plugin.

The hooks you may need are:

Read the filter documentation and see the add-on plugins to see how to use these hooks.  Many of the add-ons use them to add data from a variety of different styles of tables.

See https://wpusersplugin.com/2940/filters/#examples

More details

See one of the add-on plugins or thee xample site specific plugin.  Do NOT cut and paste the code here. It is meant to inform only and will NOT  work as is.

 add_filter('amr_get_fields', 'amr_add_my_fields', 1);
 add_filter('amr_get_users_with_meta', 'amr_get_my_users_data', 1);
function amr_add_my_fields ($keys) {

// write code here to return the list of additional fields
// you'd like to see in your user lists. 
//IE these are fields in your custom table that are 
//NOT in wordpress user or usermeta table.

// the function will be passed the existing list of fields 
//and should add the additional fields to the array.  eg: 

$keys[] = 'newfield';

return ($keys);

// then return the array $keys



function amr_get_my_users_data ($users) {

// write code here to get the user data from the custom tables. Various approaches are open to you.  Either

  • drive from array of user passed to the function, or
  • from the array of user data from your custom table.. then add to the users array passed extradata = sql query to fetch data from custom table keyed by userid;
for each $extradata {

    $users[$userid]['newfield'] =  $extradata['newfield'];

// then return the array $users
    return ($users);


Alternative (or to format nicely)

The function above has to process ALL the users.  The data will then be available in csv export.  If you only need the data to be displayed, then you could use a formatting function  rather.  The amr-users plugin will look for a custom formatting function for each column to be displayed for each user.
function ausers_format_newfield($value, $user) {

  $customdata_maybearray = code to get data ($user->ID);

  $html = implode (', ',$customdata_maybearray)