Link from user directory to user detail or profile

This is now very simply achieved within one page using the amr-users-plus plugin.    Or if you have special requirements, that is all possible too.



  • a user list (from amr-users plugin)
  • a profile page (from another plugin or by wordpress)
  • or another amr users list ?
  • (optional) your own site specific plugin – lf linking to another amr-users lists, or linking to some other profile page that has not yet been allowed for in the link types.

The user list or directory

The directory part is easy – choose or configure a user list.  Set up the list first.  Then later, when you know which profile or detail method you are going to use, you will come back to add the detail link to a field in this list.

The detail or profile page

There are many choices here.  For example:

  1. a wordpress user archive  or
  2. another plugin’s profile page (the profile page must accept a user parameter (eg userid) so that one can generate html that will link to the profile page.
  3. maybe another more detailed user list (requires extra coding on your part)

WordPress user archive  or another plugin’s profile page (bbpress, buddypress etc)

These options are provided by default in amr-users.

Configure your list:

  1. Look for the linktype column
  2. Choose a suitable field to hold the link
  3. Click the dropdown list and Choose the type of link you want, the list may depend on what plugins you have active. eg:
    1. edit user page
    2. wordpress author archive
    3. bbpress profile
    4. buddypress profile
    5. user’s url
    6. mailto link
    7. etc
  4. update, rebuild cache, test.

Configuring links for fields in the user reporting

Solutions requiring site specific plugins that use amr-users filters:

Link to a more detailed user list example.

This option requires you to do some coding.

  • A ‘linktype’ to link to the detailed list needs to be created.
  • the html for the links needs to be generated when that linktype has been specified

See an example here: This list, click a user, it should link to

Simple Directory

should link to:

Detail showing single user


This option is site specific and thus needs some php coding skills.   You could base your code on this example :

Download the code example and look at it.  It should be fairly clear what to do if you have some knowledge of php and wordpress filters.

At the very least, you may want may to change the line that says

        home_url('/memberdetails/')  /* replace "/memberdetails/" with the slug of your user details page  */



where “your memberdetails slug” is the slug of the page that has a user list that you are using for your member deatils. Also have a look at the commented out lines 72 and 73. Uncomment if you want to show the current user as a default on that page.
If you need the lists to be created and the code edited  for you, please see