Example site specific add-on using filters

Various filters and pluggable functions are available for one to achieve unique features.

Got some php coding smarts?

The intention here is to post some example site specific add-ons for the amr-user plugin.   The point of a site specific plugin is that one avoids modifying either wordpress or the plugin by using the hooks provided.   See Otto’s post for more info.

If your needs are similar to the example below, you may be able to sort it all out by yourself by making a few changes to this code.


The request was for a user list to be able to link to a detailed user page.  This add-on uses some of the linktype filters to add features linking two user lists:

  • amr-users-linktypes – use this filter to add an item to the drop down selection of link types in the  list configuration
  • amr-users-linktype-function – use this filter to generate the html link for the linktype you have specified above.

This example  includes a commented out additional feature of making the current logged in user, the default on the detail page.

See http://directories.wpusersplugin.com/simple-user-list/.  Click on a test user, to see the example detail page: http://directories.wpusersplugin.com/memberdetails/?filter=1&ID=4

Both of these lists are of course fully configurable. They are normal amr-user lists.

Link Type added using a filter

Code it up yourself from scratch or purchase this example. to edit. This is an example plugin – you will need to edit it.   If you’re a developer member, you will have access to this download already.

Not a coder ? Need assistance?

I’m a little expensive, but then I know what I’m doing and I’m efficient and thorough with the testing. And because I’ve added these really useful filters to the free amr-users plugin, sometimes it is quite easy to achieve your special request. Contact me or email me with as much detail as you can – mockups are good too.

The more info you provide, the quicker we will get to your solution. If there’s enough info there, the response may be with the first draft of the solution already developed!

Get it here: https://wpusersplugin.com/downloads/example-site-specific/