Possible user extra field or user meta plugins

Looking for the best wordpress plugin to add extra fields to your user registration and profile?  If you are using a membership plugin, first see what you can achieve with that – most have ability to add user meta.

If you intend reporting or listing user data, please look at how the  plugins store the user data.  If they are not storing the data as simple wordpress user meta, this will complicate search, extract, filtering and impact ability to have dynamic users lists with reasonable performance.

A quick look at what’s available…it’s not good news, getting better.  No one plugin that I feel I can recommend completely without reservations – although advanced custom fields is looking pretty good.



  • a reasonable good newish option
  • there was one field type I would have setup differently, but otherwise pretty good

 cimy extra fields

  • works, but doesn’t use user meta as intended -I have an addon to make the data accessible

user-meta (free version)

  • does not  have front end registration in free version
  • i’m also not a fan of heavy ajax use – I  like things to work without it

s2member (has pro version too)

  • very rich functionality (too complex?)
  • really doesn’t use wordpress as intended – data buried deep in one usermeta record, hard to extract usefully without performance and display issues.
  • see also this problem


  • adds to user profile but not automatically to standard wordpress registration page, seems to need a custom page (what happens to existing? ), fields didn’t work as expected
  • also tons of ‘notices’ in my dev system which to me is not a good sign


tribulants wordpress-custom-fields-plugin

  • I haven’t tried it myself, but looks good

user-meta pro

  • need pro for the front end registration
  • not tested myself

and various membership plugins of course – but then they have aLOT more functionality.

 Sound useful but….

Old, removed

  • register plus and register plus redux appear to have been deleted from the wordpress repository – possibly due to lack of maintenance and vulnerabilities – pity they useful at one stage.