Simple column filtering in amr users lists

In version 3.0 upwards, various real time filtering has been enabled.  IE: rather than defining a report that only shows rows with a ‘included’ value in a certain column.  You can show all, or several and then offer the ability to filter at display time.

Sophisticated Filtering

For complex filtering needs, you may wish to get access to amr users plus.

It enables the choice of default filtering and  some complex partial column (field level) filtering per column in your custom user list.

or do your own filtering with some html that integrates as follows:

Simple Filtering

If you have some very simple filtering needs, you could code your own little form html to sit on the same page. The html should pass the following parameters back to the user list page.

Yes – this can also be done as links from  other pages.

Query string parameters:

filter=hide or show

  • activate filtering request. plugin will then look for column names
  • hide says “hide  that column” – as all rows will have the same value
  • show = “show the column”


  • pass the technical column name (see the ‘nice names’ list in the settings) and the value to be selected