Adding a link to user list field

There are a number of link types, some predefined

  • in amr-users (free)
  • in amr-users-plus
  • in various other add-ons (eg: buddypress)
  • and then one can add one’s own with  a pluggable function.
some linktypes

some linktypes

Configuring links for fields in the user reporting

Predefined link types:


  • normal html email link if email address exists


  • if a user url has been entered in the profile

edit users

  • requires capability to edit users, will only show if current user has that capability
  • links to the edit user page in wordpress admin


  • to view, the viewer must be logged in , ie requires capability to list posts,
  • links to the admin page for listing posts.
  • “intelligent” link – if attached to a field for a post type (post, page, custom post type etc) post count, will filter for those post types only

authorarchive (aka front end user profile with archive)

Author archive in wordpress 2011 theme

  • links to the author profile / archive page in the front end
  • what you get depends on what your theme or other plugins do with the author archive

detail page using list 2

linktype using list 2

detail page link type

  • this requires the amr-users-plus add-on (v2.11 or higher) and that both list 1 and list 2 public.
  • Probably list2 should be a html5 style for aesthetic reasons
  • choose the ‘detail list using list 2’ linktype from the dropdoewns on the field you want the link from
  • and place a shortcode   [ userlist ] in a page – voila!


 Pluggable functions

A custom formatting function with whatever link you want, can be written by for any  column.   See the linked post for details and the pluggables file for examples.  Do NOT edit the pluggables file.

But I just want a link to view user profile

A general access user profile view is determined by your theme and possibly by whatever plugins add stuff to the author template.

The current default theme will only show a profile for users (authors) with posts.  It can however be modified (and perhaps your themes does this ?) to pickup the user id from the url line and show non-author user profiles too.

If you are not happy with your theme’s author/user template, you could use a site specific snippets plugin to override it with a template of your own using the template_redirect hook.

This post by Mihai Valentin may also be useful:  wordpress-tutorial-load-the-template-you-want-with-template_redirect.

If you do not have the skills for that you can request a custom service for a small fee: