Make a user list sortable

Tick the sortable column in the general list options to make a list sortable.

List Overview

Sorting uses the headings. For public lists, the headings must be displayed for sorting to be accessed.

Default Sorting

  • A default sort order and sort direction can be specified.
    • Sort order: the priority of sorting eg: one could sort by roles, then sort by registration date within roles
    • Sort direction: ascending or descending.  Default is ascending, click to specify descending.  Example descending user_id or registration date would show newest users first.
  • A maximum of two sort levels can be requested.
  • The sort field can be hidden (remove the display order value) after sort parameters entered.


Example user list sort order

User Requested Sorting

When viewing a list:

  • clicking on the heading once – sort by that column in default sort order
  • click again on the heading to change direction of the sort
  • user is prompted by hover text
  • Can sort by column values, cannot sort by sub fields of a complex column.

User requested sorting overrides the default sorting

Click heading again to change direction

Other possibilities

Advanced users with unusual requirements could code their own sorting form or links. Link back to the page, passing the internal column name (original field names with underscores) to sort by and the sort direction:


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