To display a user list publicly in a page or post (list must be ‘ticked’ as a public list in the settings.):

Click “Add Page” from the configuration page or, in a page or post, enter surrounded by square brackets

userlist list=n

where n is the number of the list.

Note  minimal css is provided by the plugin to encourage a decent default view.  The plugin tries to let the theme css to style the list to fit in with the rest of your site.  More css info.

Logged in users only?

If you wish to further limit the list to logged in users or certain users only,  a membership type plugin should be used to limit access to the page or post, or to surround the shortcode.

For example, if using the  “Your Members” plugin by newmedia, one would do something like this to not display the part of the page that is the list if user not logged in:

If a list is not public, it will only be viewable by a logged in user with either ‘list-users’ or ‘edit-users’ capabilities.

Flag a list as public

Advanced Shortcode Parameters

From version 3.4.4, Parameters are available to override list settings.  See the shortcode parameter page