CSV Export, slashes, magic quotes on, security

To those using the user lists plugin and complaining about extra slashes, I apologise for not realising that it is because your host must have magic quotes enabled.  Please read the php link. The php manual says:  Relying on this feature is highly discouraged.

I have looked into it and it seems that because , with it enabled, php adds the slashes at the very last minute (when you click export cvs), there is no way I can stop it from kicking on.

The only possibility may be to write the csv to a file on the server.  I specifically do NOT want to do this for non public lists, because

  • it is user data and should be kept private, not written to a file on a public server
  • plugins cannot easily access ‘private’ folders to keep such a file private

So either you could try seeing if there is a way to switch it off at your host, or do a search and replace in the csv file, or make the list public (if this is ok with your users and your privacy agreement with them)

Ask your host to disable magic quotes ….Or try my very good hosts – they are reliable, helpful. We’ve been with them for more than 10 years now with no complaints.