Foreign characters in user list csv export

Huvumus is having some problems with icelandic characters in her user fields and exporting them to Excel via csvwith the amr-users plugin.  I think the problem is with Excel, but wanted to be 100% sure.

So I entered all the icelandic characters, including the name Sigríður, some german and a random smattering of other words inother languages to the user Biographical description.  I then screen dumped the following stages

  • user profile
  • csv file (in notepad)
  • open office

As far as I can see the plugin has done it’s job correctly. the .csv file displays ALL the characters correctly if loaded into a notepad type editor and if loaded into Open Office.  See below.

Open Office – Choose correct encoding

The data gets from the user profile to open office and retains it’s encoding.  A key step is to choose the correct encoding when loading into Open office.

So what to do about Excel?

Well if one has tried renaming .csv as .txt, and one has the right encoding installed on one’s pc, then I don’t really know what else and this problem is beyond the scope of my plugin!   I am not an excel expert or fan.  Perhaps these pages may help:

If anyone has any further info for the excel users, please comment on this post – Thank You