Comment totals by authors

Comments totals by registered user can be included in a list.  (updated 20140722)  The totals include a link to the admin ‘edit-comments’ page.  The link passes the email address to that list as a search parameter.

Please use this cautiously.  Wordpress does not have a built-in function to total comments by user (only by post).   A custom query is used. For people who have  large numbers of  users,  and large number of  commenters this may be slow.

Sample listing that included Comment Counts

Notes re Comment Totals

  • Getting comment totals is potentially slow.
    The wordpress indices are by comment id, post id and comment date, not by user-id and email.  The plugin query sorts and groups by userid.
  • Comments can be made by people with no userids (not registered) – the plugin does  not yet attempt to deal with that. IE these totals will be excluded at moment (2014/07/22)
  • Only approved comments are shown in the total.
  • If a user makes a comment while not logged in, but using the same email address. This will show up in the edit-comments search page, but not in the registered users comment total. WordPress stores the user-id and the email in the comments table.  All comments by unlogged users have a ‘0’.
  • If a user changes email address in their profile, the comments made when using the earlier email address will be included in the plugin comment count (because the userid is the same), however since wordpress has the old email against the comments, theses old comments will not be listed when a search is done with the new email address.
  • Please see also
  • if you require more detailed or alternate comment totals, this could be possible via a custom add-on.