Excel user list export

Excel Download from Custom user list

amr users plus version 3.6 up includes the ability to offer a direct excel export of the user list data, instead of, or as well as the .csv export.   It needs the phpoffice/phpspreadsheet library to be available (see below)


excel wordpress user export demo.


  1. Make the phpspreadsheet library available. There is an easy low tech way to do that by adding the cbx plugin https://codeboxr.com/php-spreadsheet-library-wordpress-plugin/ or via composer. For instructions click here.
  2. Tick the ‘xls export’ checkbox in the userslists overview settings. (Similar to the existing .csv option). and then view the list and test it!
excel icon or text link
In the general settings you can specficy the icon or text link for the excel export
Option to display excel export or not
To offer the excel export option in a user list on the front end, tick the checkbox

The XLS export will not function if phpspreadsheet and the writer class are not found.