Excel user list export

amr users plus version 3.6 up includes the ability to offer a direct excel export of the user list data, instead of, or as well as the .csv export.   It needs the phpoffice/phpspreadsheet library to be available (see below)

Excel Download from Custom user list

Similar to the existing .csv option, in general settings one can set the icon or text for the export link at the bottom of the lists. See excel wordpress user export demo.

The CSV filter (export of filtered list) will offer buttons for CSV export and XLS export.

The functionality requires php 7.1 or higher and that phpoffice/phpspreadsheet library be accessible on the server. It can use composer to load the spreadsheet. See

Using composer, it looks first for: 


and uses that if found.  If that is not found, then it looks for

WP_PLUGIN_DIR.'/cbxphpspreadsheet/lib/vendor/autoload.php' ;   

The plugin https://github.com/codeboxrcodehub/cbxphpspreadsheet  does not need to be active, it.only needs to exist in wordpress. The plus plugin will check for it’s code and load the necessary parts if found.

The XLS export will not function if phpspreadsheet and the writer class are not found.

excel icon or text link
Option to display excel export or not