User Lists

Highly Configurable User Lists, Reports and Directories

Two sample lists provided:

  • table
  • html5

Create more or alter the samples.

userlist with filter

userlist with filter

user list with social media links

user list with social media links (customisable social add-on used)


  1. Start with the free plugin
  2. Access other user fields not stored nicely in wordpress user meta (S2member, cimy etc)
  3. Add features
  4. Get other useful plugins

 Reviews on the wordpress site:

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    • gsh2000 on "Fantastic! saved me hours of custom PHP coding.." June 15, 2016
      Fantastic! saved me hours of custom PHP coding... I had tested numerous other User plugins, and had pretty much concluded that I would have to custom code this. Somehow I stumbled onto this plugin, and amazingly it did everything I require, plus more... Very well documented, and compatible with woocommerce and many user meta fields […]
    • RichyVN on "Works like a charm!" April 8, 2016
      I have used this plugin (and the amr-users-plus addon with advanced filtering options)and it works like a charm. For me it had a steep learning curve. But after a few ours playing around with it on a test site I've got it working exactly like I wanted and even more then that! Great job anmari
    • rudtek2 on "exactly what i needed" March 18, 2016
      This made making a directory on my site (using s2member) a simple process. Thank you very much!
    • ☭Gu on "Good" September 4, 2015
      interesting, I get it
    • latixns on "Thank you so much" August 19, 2015
      Thank you so much for this plugin also for being one of only few people in this world creating something really good without any cost.
    • Kahanit on "Found It!" July 24, 2015
      Found the plugin that actually works as expected!!
    • Drakis on "Excellent user listing and search" June 26, 2015
      I missed that anmari and you are quite right. Apologies for the confusion.
    • anmari on "Excellent user listing and search" June 10, 2015
      DRakis, this is incorrect. Administrators are excluded in the sample list as examples only Go to your settings of the list you want to have admins in. IN the ID row- if id '1' is entered in the exclude field, remove it IN the role row - if 'Adminustrators' is entered in the exclude field, […]
    • Drakis on "Excellent user listing and search" May 20, 2015
      Works as advertised. However, by default users with the administrator role are filtered from search results. If you need them to be included, you must upgrade to the paid version, which allows you to remove/change the filter.
    • on "You make my day" May 6, 2015
      You confirm the magic of WordPress's ecosystem. I was looking for a plugin to do exactly what "amr users" is doing. After trying several, I was about to climb along the high mountain of developing myself something when I discovered amr users. Slowly but surely the sun goes up the valley of the perfection and […]