User Lists

Highly Configurable User Lists, Reports and Directories

Two sample lists provided:

  • table
  • html5

Create more or alter the samples.

userlist with filter

userlist with filter

user list with social media links

user list with social media links (customisable social add-on used)


  1. Start with the free plugin
  2. Access other user fields not stored nicely in wordpress user meta (S2member, cimy etc)
  3. Add features
  4. Get other useful plugins

 Reviews on the wordpress site:

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    • Determine S2Member active September 26, 2016
      Replies: 0 Hi, I wrote a plugin for some purpose. That plugin needs ‘user-information’. But since we use S2Member pro, I also want to retrieve custom field content. Should be working fine. My question is: how can I determine that S2Member is active? Background is that I want to implement the plugin also on a […]
    • Sounds promissing September 26, 2016
      Replies: 0 But after activations it broke my site completely.
    • Doc Preview with Verse September 26, 2016
      Replies: 0 Hi, I have issue with the download manager plugin compatibility with verse theme as [doc_preview] is not working i don’t know why. If i switch theme then it works fine but with the verse theme it doesn’t please help ASAP i want to make my site live and i don’t have liberty of […]
    • Need to place sharing button in between content. September 26, 2016
      Replies: 0 We need to place sharing button in between content. Currently it can render above or below div having .entry-content class. Now I need to place above or below any other div in side div.entry-content How do i do that? Thanks in advance.
    • Remove Theme Welcome Msg September 26, 2016
      Replies: 1 Hi Thanks for the great theme Make Please how to remove this message or hide as it confuses my customer: Welcome to Make! Get up and running with our Simple Start Handbook. Please advice what shall i add to the child theme Thanks a lot
    • photos in posts not show September 26, 2016
      Replies: 0 hi,guys,i dont know why the photos in posts not show, the blog url is, this blog is used to share the deals,coupon codes and other topics about vape. today when i open it,i found that the photos not show,anyone one can help me check what happened?i just talking with support man of […]
    • New Theme = New problems September 26, 2016
      Replies: 0 Hi, firstly I really need to be able to use this theme. I’ve now got the details (tags,categories and map) for single events showing up in the footer as well as atop the page where it belongs. Also, those tags and categories come in with a transparent background in the Posterboard. Least that’s […]
    • NOt showing forward/back arrows for months September 26, 2016
      Replies: 0 My site will not show forward/back arrows for the months when in windows explorer? It shows them in chrome and firefox. Any idea’s. I have customers trying to look at the next couple of months ahead and the window will not move forward? Any idea’s.
    • Working Video September 26, 2016
      Replies: 0 Hi, i dont know how to use this plugin any video is avail? i’ve installed NextGEN Public Uploader and NextGEN Gallery . i want to give the upload galley images for subscribers from the front end profile page (not dashboard). after admin should approve for then it need to display. and i want […]
    • Cannot access other pages except home on my website September 26, 2016
      Replies: 0 I recently uploaded my wordpress website into a live free hosting server 000webhosting but realized that only my home page is showing.I have tried all i could to get other pages to show to no avail. After uploading my wordpress files, database file, wp_options in myphpadmin and editing the wp-config file to point […]