amr user templates

Does WordPress intimidate your clients ?

  • Do they have multiple users  and/or new members frequently ?
  • To cleanup the interface manually, closing boxes and switching off columns for multiple users and new users you need a quick and easy way to do it once set it.

Remove admin columns and boxes for all users (existing and new registrations)

This templating plugin gives you  control of the starting or default setup (dashboard boxes, screen options etc) for each of your user roles.

Simple Installation

  1. Activate plugin
  2. Create template (test) user
    • Create at least one – this can be an admin user, other users only inherit the settings, nothing more.
  3. Logon as that user
    • and set the dashboards meta boxes set the screen options etc as you’d like them to be for all your users
  4. Go to settings, link the template user id or user-login to each role. Save.

That’s it – any new users registering will have the tailored screens and boxes.  When any user is registered or created, they will automatically be assigned the user options from the template user for their role.  To check it is working, register or create a new user of the role, and logon as them – you should see the tailored version of the admin interface.

More details here

More advanced options

  • (optional) Untick any options you do NOT wish to have copied
  • (optional) Set any existing users . This will override any settings that they have made.


  • Allows a web administrator to offer a very simplified initial admin area.  As users become more sophisiticated, they can then “switch on” extra areas using the screen options, if they wish.
  • Allows other plugins that  add fields to standard screens to offer many fields and allow the web administrator to choose which to display.
  • Need only  have one template user if you wish. (Suggest that this should not be a user that actually logs on, but kept for template use only)
  • Can fine tune which options are copied if you wish
  • Will pickup new roles added by other plugins such as Justin Tadlock’s Members plugin.


Click Screenshots to see them on one page.


A short one up at Jing’s for a test of that. Let me know if there is a problem

Demo is being used to demo this plugin and my ‘events’ plugin.  If you register as a new user use (any weird and wonderful name and disposable email), you will be created as a “event manager” for demonstration purposes, with access to some config.  The main point is that some admin panels will be simplified from the default wordpress.

  • the dashboard has less boxes
  • the add new post screen is simplified
  • the posts listing screen has less columns
  • the events listing screen has less columns

Setting screen options with Internet Explorer – caution

Please do not use IE to setup your template userwordpress in IE8 seemed to reset the screen options, rather than saving the customised options.  Use another browser to set up the template users. You can then go back to IE after that.  New users logging on with IE will be fine – they will see the customised screens.

Purchase and/or download

Purchase for 10 USD for 30 days by free members. Also available to active members: Developer, Developer Gold
Note:Developer memberships are good value - they give access to all plugins on this site, as well as any protected posts (>$90 worth) for extended periods. Special requests are often released as updates.