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As a special request from simon of simonIT, a buddy press addon is now available. Aaron requested ability to link to a members buddypress profile page – this is in version 1.1, Lyndon requested a link to the a resume page created by the bp resume plugin. This is in version 1.5.

buddy press fields and link types

buddy press fields and link types


  • It will inspect the buddypress tables and add the field names and, of course the data to the amr-users plugin.
  • It formats the data appropriately.  An example function is included to do further formatting if you wish.
  • All possible extended profile field types have been tested.
  • One can choose to have any of the user fields link to the users buddypress profile page. (v1.1)
  • It has also been tested with amr-users-plus, so all filtering functionality will work with the buddypress fields.
Buddy press example extended profile fields

Buddy press example extended profile fields

Add link to buddypress member profile page

Add link to buddypress member profile page



  • activate the plugin
  • create representative test data for a set of users (both wp and buddy press data)
  • “find the fields” using amr-users
  • configure your chosen list to add the buddy press fields you want to display.
  • rebuild cache and view the list.


v1.5 – 27 March 2014

  • Add a resume page link type.

v1.4 – 10 March 2014

  • BugFix for those using emails as usernames.  Plugin now uses the buddypress functions fully to get the userlink.  Thanks to Derek for raising this when using imember360 with buddypress.

v1.3 – 30 May 2013

  • No functional change. added some ‘if’ and debug statements to cope with possible bad data in buddypress tables.

v1.2 – 26 June 2012

  • small code change so that filtering will work with buddy press fields that have spaces in them.

v1.1 – 16 June 2012

  • adds ability to link to a buddypress member profile page. It uses buddypress functions to get the buddypress members page and appends the username to generate the individual buddypress profile link.


  • Original Release
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