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There are a variety of cron plugins out there. None did all that I needed it to do to aid my development and let me reschedule any cron job.  So I wrote my own cron manager plugin.  It’s handy to have with any plugin that has a cron job.  It is also handy when developing and testing any cron jobs.


  • Flag if cron action missing ( a common mistake developers make)
  • Show arguments or parameters
  • Show time usefully in the timezone of the blog, not the server, tasks grouped by time slot
  • Really and Truly Kill a Cron Job (as much as one can, some are immortal!)
  • Run a job right now (or rather at next cron trigger)
  • Give you a cron trigger link so you can see any errors that may come to the screen

An all-in-one cron manager


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