User Lists

Highly Configurable User Lists, Reports and Directories

Two sample lists provided:

  • table
  • html5

Create more or alter the samples.

userlist with filter

userlist with filter

user list with social media links

user list with social media links (customisable social add-on used)


  1. Start with the free plugin
  2. Access other user fields not stored nicely in wordpress user meta (S2member, cimy etc)
  3. Add features
  4. Get other useful plugins

 Reviews on the wordpress site:

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    • Artus on "The best out there!" February 19, 2015
      Robustly coded and powerful features. I coudn't find anything better that this one. Great support form the developer. I really recommend checking out the plugins website.
    • chinkchink on "made s2member actually usable" January 6, 2015
      If you are somehow, stuck with s2member like me, then you must try amr. It is the easiest way I have found to access s2's custom fields data in a meaningful manner.
    • rwilki on "Fantastic Plugin, support, and options" December 31, 2014
      Hi and Happy new year! This plugin is amazing and your support is great. I can't believe the amount of power and extensibility that this plugin offers. Clearly one of the best I've ever used. Thanks for developing this!
    • sbning on "Issues with WP4.0; More functions desired" November 6, 2014
      Sorting (at least by registered dates) is not working (WP4.0). If you check the box of sorting (ASC or DSC) in "Configure list", the list sorting function does not work. Only if you click on the column title, sorting will work
    • dinkum on "Great framework for displaying/searching user info" October 6, 2014
      Thanks for sharing this plugin with the WordPress community. amr users integrated nicely with other plugins in the development of a state-based police memorial website. Thank you anmari!
    • CowboyofBottrop on "Just what I was looking for" September 20, 2014
      In our small website at we wanted to integrate a contact and birthday list. This plugin is the best possibility to realize it.
    • PavelVino on "It's great and cool!!!" August 1, 2014
      I tested somewhere 15 plug-ins (on the best features of a relevant search), and this is the only plugin that adequately filters lists of users based on the values of the custom fields created by other plugins. The coolest thing! Thanks to the developer!
    • X-Raym on "Oh yeah" July 31, 2014
      very powerful !! A user listing of that kind is something very rare !
    • dzhome on "Works perfect!" July 21, 2014
      Very nice plug-in and absolutely useful for my homepage.
    • Swampy on "Gets the Job Done" July 9, 2014
      So far from what I can see, works as described. Provides a very useful intermediate enhancement to the (hopeless) user management features native to Wordpress without taking step further with a CRM system or organizing a forum structure. I really like that new reports appear in main User dropdown area, so not required to head […]